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July 24, 2019, 03:16:15 AM
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Author Topic: Roller Coaster  (Read 107 times)
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« on: February 13, 2019, 03:38:41 PM »

Back in Buenos Aires, there's a low budget entertainment center that was once in its auge "El parque de la costa" (The park of the coast)
     When I was a little kid, my grandmother took me and my brother to the amusement park, water danced out of fountains providing the nostalgic smell they make when they hit the cement on summer. My brother and I kept running in those fountains, we were little kids.
      Soaked wet we were soaring through the park until we saw the biggest attraction, the majestic roller coaster, colored red. Of course we were afraid to go but my grandmother thought to herself "This should be an effective way to dry them up". So we went, not knowing what was ahead for us.
     There we were, the sound of working mechanics premonitioned what we were about to experience, absolute fear from a third world country roller coaster. It started going up, and up, and up, slowly, we knew, soon enough would the fall come, all of a sudden we were dropped into the funniest craziest ride at full speed enjoying the wind on our faces and the scream of every man or woman up there, roller coaster doesn't discriminate race, color, gender, nothing. When we reached the end of the roller coaster, it started going backwards, same ride, but backwards, that's why it's called "The Boomerang".
    As soon as we got off the roller coaster we went running to watch the pictures. Sad to say I lost that photograph, but the memory remains.

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