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May 23, 2019, 11:13:03 AM
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Author Topic: porch  (Read 55 times)
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« on: March 15, 2019, 11:48:59 PM »

Creaking floor boards I creep up the steps, a shadow in the night, trying to avoid the porch motion activated light. My lcd watch screen screams 2 am at me, smell of cigarettes, cologne and vodka on my clothes. I stare at the chipping paint, a nail exposed through the aged wood. My hand is trembly as I turn the cold metal handle. Crickets are singing full blast and I pray that they drown out the squeak and small pop of the door swinging outward. Inside there's a lamp on, soft light reverberating across the living room wall. An empty bowl of popcorn, kernels like seeds sit vacant. The splash of water on my face in the bathroom it drips off my nose. Snoring from down the hall. I make it to my threshold before banging my knee on a laundry basket. A muffled curse. Silence. A creak. Then snoring again I lay relieved on my futon, body sinking into--   
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