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August 18, 2019, 09:05:50 AM
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Author Topic: Speaker  (Read 79 times)
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« on: May 17, 2019, 03:22:17 PM »

Five kids gather around, black, blonde, red and more black hair sticking up in tangles looking like a rough sea, still messy from sleep. They lay on their bellies in a semicircle, hands holding heads up, feet bobbing up and down, toes poking out of holes in socks, slippers ragged and fraying, dirty bare feet. At the center is the little tattered speaker about the size of a small pancake, tears throughout the soft cardboard and dents in the cone from curious finger pokes. Red, white and black cables snake their way to the green board that always reminds one of the boys of a miniature city. A tube glows out a soft yellow glow into the morning air, dust tumbles and rolls in the single ray shining through the bent potion of the blinds. The smell of oatmeal coats the air, they don't notice it, but their stomachs do and let out tiny grumbling conversations, which is another thing they don't notice for they are transfixed. After the familiar distorted musical entrance a staticy voice telling stories of scientists and their discoveries lures them all of into a new world. Shivers of excitement and vivid images of well lit laboratories with test tubes bubbling with green concoctions, white microscopes lining metallic tabletops with eyes gazing in concentration into black cylinders bringing to life the once invisible and mysterious worlds. Oblong bacteria looking like tiny yellow pills, dancing green balls of chloroplasts moving through the rectangular and almost invisible plant cells, amoebas in globular shapes engulfing one another becoming one looking like paisleys come to life. The voice is distorted and crackling but the boys don't mind at all. Every morning they rush out of bed throw blankets skyward which descend back to earth like parachutes. They shove and push each other laughing, shouting, whining, trying to get the middle spot in front of the speaker. The roughness of the floor, the dirty walls, the sounds of angry screaming through the walls,  even the hunger pangs fade away and for a brief moment in time they are immersed in fascination.
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