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Title: Money
Post by: juzzyjj on April 13, 2015, 08:45:16 AM

Money turns you inside out
Money makes you wanna shout
Money is a cash deal
money in your pocket can seem so surreal

Money is the future made of gold
Money is your deepest love who you long to hold
it feels like you are running out of time
and where you trade a dollar for a dime

keeps you safe at night
your enemies out of sight
doesnt let the bugbears bite
gives your enemies no respite

money can make the world go round
bring your ass down
make a blue day brown
a wedding dress seem like a night gown

can choke the life out of you
chase your tail until your black and blue
is rarely the strongest glue

money is the pavement to your dreams
money is the saskwatch of schemes
money is like a squeaky wheel
money is like losing your feel

money is green and cold
bright and fold
dust and mould
silver nor gold
aging until old

money is desperation under a neon sign
money is a beggar's cask of wine
money is today and tomorrow entwined