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Title: How do you actually do your object writing ?
Post by: 10cars on July 02, 2015, 05:16:34 AM
Hi all,

been reading "Writing better lyrics " and started object writing some days ago.

Now I would like to ask people doing this for a while or someone who did actualy do a course on this how to actually do it.

The first day I started I just started the timer and started to write. Yes, i wrote something that actually had a story. But it had few senses included. Also, no methapores or other clever stuff.
Senses stuff got better the next days as I was aware of it.
But I ask myself, should I spend the first minutes to think about what to write ? Or should I just start writing ?

Would be interesting to hear how you do it, or how you did at your first tries. One should get faster, thats what its all about I know. But what about the start.

Thanks all,


Title: Re: How do you actually do your object writing ?
Post by: Chris on July 03, 2015, 07:12:22 AM
Hi 10cars,

Just write.
10 minutes is a short amount of time.
It's a warmup for you mind and awareness. And it facilitates your writing, cause whatever you are writing you are trying to depict these sensations of a character for the reader.
A good tip would be to have the senses in front of you listed, I just copy them from the main page and paste them in the dialog box, and when I'm done, I remove them..
And don't worry, for me its often piece of garbage or nonsense.
Doesn't matter,
 its just an exercise and have fun :)

Title: Re: How do you actually do your object writing ?
Post by: 10cars on July 08, 2015, 05:19:27 AM
Hi Chris,

thanks for your reply.
The last days I went that route but only today I had the list of senses in front of me while writing.
It realy helped, as I kind of scanned through the list, which sens is missing so far.
So, great tip, thanks.
I am not using the forum as english is not my native language.
But its more an advantage than not. Most words suggested for object writing I know. But I tend to look them up in a dictionary anyway. That way I get more meanings resulting in more inspiration.


Title: Re: How do you actually do your object writing ?
Post by: HeartAttack&Vine on June 26, 2016, 01:08:41 PM
I like to mix things up between doing my object writing in my blank Moleskin journals and also online here. Handwriting and typing seem to tap into two very different writing voices for me. I create my own prompts often as well as once a year I like to do Pat Pattisons exercises in both of his books. This helps keep things interesting otherwise I can get a bit bored.
My writing has transformed in the past two years of OW. If life get's busy and it slips to the wayside I notice it very quickly! Using one of Pat's challenges always gets me back on the bandwagon again. ;)