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Title: History Test
Post by: andrewpayne55 on June 18, 2017, 08:11:27 AM
He stands above a broken world
Teardrops fill his eyes
As he looks upon the scorched Earth
He cannot fathom why
They have destroyed all that he gave
Through selfishness and hate
How his gifts have burned to ashes
And crushed under the weight
Of ignorance and stupidity
The stubbornness of Men
That refuse to listen to their history lessons
And then repeat all of the mistakes again.
They missed all of the warnings
They ignored all the cries for help.
They trampled on the struggling
As they fought to save themselves.
They had it all laid clear for them
Examples of what not to do
But they chose to look the other way
And claim that it wasn’t true.
So now God looks upon his world
And he hangs his head in shame
Because he knows that when society rebuilds itself
They will make all the mistakes again.