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Title: eyelashes
Post by: Chris Dudley on October 12, 2017, 05:20:37 AM
Rack for tears, display for sorrow
Eyelashes holding the drops
Lids close down, squeeze out the wet
On lashes that drip on the cheeks.

They feel thicker now, watered this way
Like green grass gathers the rain
They’re thicker now, known to the lids
Eyes reddened around their gains.

Thick eyelashes, watered with tears
The mirror shows the shudder
The breath caught back, shoulders heave
Sobbing comes under control.

There’s a smell of the sea in streaming tears
The eyelashes a kind of seaweed
Those are the pearls that are the eyes
The brine has changed everything.

Eyelashes grow thick, eyelashes grow dark
In their brine of sorrow and fear
Fear of loss, fear of the end
Of friendship, of loving, of care.