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Title: Oxen
Post by: oohl90 on December 05, 2017, 01:02:13 AM
12/4/2017 - Oxen
Annoying flies buzz near my ears, my attempts at swatting them away are met with tickles as they land on my dry cracking snout. As the sun grows in the sky, it shines light on the hard day's work that lies ahead. Rotting wooden carriages creak under the grip of termite appetites as they are fastened to my heavy leather harness. The dewy grass is wet against my tired worn hooves. The yin and yang of rank dirty hide mixed with fresh morning twist into a crisp musk causing a loud snort to leap from my nostrils. I snarl and moan under the weight on my back. I belong to a heard of older oxen, our working years should be long behind us, but alas here we are, wandering the boundless acreage once again. My crankiness warps even the sweetest grass into tangy slop. Whips hiss in the air and we’re off, grunting as we trudge over stale dirt and sharp rocks.