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Title: Cheer
Post by: AlohaAlex on December 05, 2017, 04:33:47 PM
Her cheer bounces like bubbles above my head.   Infectious to the touch her movements were light and made the room feel warm like recognizing a familiar face.   She wears a red knitted sweater with a couple decades woven into each patterned patch sloppily sown onto the front and back.  Her yellowish-white teeth are always showing sending electric signals, making the corners of my mouth stand for no reason.   My cheek bones began to shake under tension of our constant smiles.   Cinnamon mint aroma sits quietly in the corner, only speaking up for seasonal reminders or when beckoned by this sweet little old lady, who is now reminding me of my grandmother.  Sweet, sugary memories sent my blood sugar soaring with delight as I relive so many Christmas days past in mere seconds.  Every year, she turns this boring office building into a factory of joy and light, something these walls haven't seen at least for months.  Her laughs will still be heard when I walk past the lunch room.  We needed this.