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Title: It's All In Your Head (please leave comments!!!)
Post by: shea16 on February 05, 2018, 02:00:33 AM
It's All In Your Head

You feel it in your chest,
A geyser of emotion,
One moment of weakness away from erupting.

You try to hold it in,
It takes everything,
Forcing it to the depths,
Only for the pain to explode through your fingertips.

With the shedding of a single tear,
The guard you tried so hard to keep up,

A vicious cycle of inconsolable sobbing,
Continuous suffocation,
And steady trembling,
Numbing you to exhaustion.

Calm down,
You're alright,
It'll be okay.

Every kind word,
A reminder of your inability,
To save yourself,
From yourself.

You can get through this.

You wish you could believe them,
But they don't see it,
The true loss of control.

Your knuckles become ghost white,
Bracing yourself,
Attempting to suppress this.

You don't end this battle without wounds,
Eyes swollen shut,
Broken skin from clenching fists,
A pounding migraine with the beating that will later lull you to sleep.

Your body is defeated,
Overcome and abused,
But the worst part is,
It's all in your head.