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Title: spy
Post by: Kalester12 on February 12, 2018, 06:01:39 PM
Heat. Explosions between him and her and actual explosions. Tight leather strapped around his leg and shoulders holding dangerous weapons. Ominous clouds above likely to rain but it never does. Dusty stone, each one enough to crush a man is what makes this castle. A soft red rose, a jolt, feeling like his feet are going through his knees as he jumps from ledge to ledge. Air hits him drying his eyes like a tornado, but it's not raining. Mechanical, grease, oil and a million controls descend; the helicopter is here to pick him up. One click of metal  and he's being hoisted up. He needs to shave, stubble growing while he's running out of patience. Craving that oak from the bar back home, that soft yellow light.