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Title: Spy
Post by: Higgs88 on February 12, 2018, 09:19:00 PM
I sit soaking in the milky sun. Metal cafe seat firm and cool against my legs. Sunglasses and fedora cover my face, leaving me stuffy. I wait for a signal, squinting into the high rise window across the sticky traffic, hands fidgety on the tiles of the tabletop. Aware of the item holstered to my hip, I realize that this is way different from the Spy movies I grew up watching. They don't show the fear, the hidden smell of danger, that covers my skin. No epic explosions have caused me to barely escape, no tanned women with ulterior motives, just a  waiting game, waiting for information to come knocking. The smell of sweet cream and chocolate swirls in the air, light banter and my contained breathing. Whistles from meandering locals, dry steam rises from the heating street. The glint tells me to go--