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Title: Mascara
Post by: tbones on February 13, 2018, 01:07:32 PM
She's standing there right by the mirror making those eyes pop like a champagne cork. Those bubbly blue eyes can make your head swim into a sea of attraction. I walk in behind her and put my arms around her and the smell of lavender washes over me like a warm blanket from her long auburn hair. She paints her lips with a succulent cherry red lipstick and gently pushes me away in a teasing way to prevent me from smudging it away. The phone rings and cars are buzzing by in the early hours in the morning. She puts on her work clothes, grabs her keys, and kisses me softly on the lips as she hurries out the door. I carry the thoughts of the morning all day like a song on repeat looking forward to seeing those eyes close again followed by another deep set kiss.