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Title: New Orleans 2
Post by: Chris Dudley on March 08, 2018, 02:42:06 PM
Remember Galveston, a world of water
Now inland too in Houston
Chemicals rocket into the air
Gas lines flaring explosions.

Water and wind whipping about
A storm to shatter the records
Harvey on Houston with idiot mouths
Saying: won’t be bad, sit tight, don’t worry.

The Fat Limbaugh, he ran away
From the storm bearing down on Florida
Crying all along, it’s all hype
But admitting the truth with his actions.

New Orleans looks on, knowing the truth
It’s no longer just Andrew or David
Nearly every storm is a Galveston wrecker
They’re bigger, they’re wetter, they’re badder.

Heck of a job, yes, heck of a job
Still dark in Puerto Rico
New Orleans knows that the asshole don’t care
They’re corrupt and dirty up there.