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Title: spy 2
Post by: Chris Dudley on March 13, 2018, 02:57:29 PM
How very sly my little spy
Hidden away in a closet
None of your business, my private affairs
But your silence awaits their disclosure.

Little spy, so curious
Secrets are your great treasure
It’s the knowing first, not bearing tales
Since those secrets you know are all boring.

The artists, the poets all live to observe
The world pours through their senses
They get their secrets in the beauty’s way
You’ll be searching in pockets.

What story to tell of your escapades
If they’re told, they’re no longer be secret
So keep secret spy, though we’re on to you
A sneak is known by the posture.

Sink in your secrets, bury away
A mizer in a counting house prison
Sealed up lips is part of your trade
Keep your secrets alone for your pleasure.