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Title: padlock 2
Post by: Chris Dudley on April 12, 2018, 01:10:48 PM
Padlock the paddock, close the barn door
The horses have all run away
Follow your instinct, not your horse sense
Shut it up though it's too late.

Lock and key, ward and wand
Protection from any thief
But horses will canter as the hound howls
They canter and gallop away.

Mayhaps there are neighbors to take them in
After the playing at wild
Perhaps some oats in a nose bag
Will calm them and lead them home.

And the lock on the gate will need its key
As they wander from the horizon
Their home paddock had green grass
After a sojourn out beyond it.

A horse in one paddock calls to another
The other answers in kind
Keeping in touch, the sense of herd
Instinct of the horse mind.

Your mindís a lock, shut the barn door
The horse mind is even keener
Follow the herd, return to home
Once the home grass has shown itself greener.