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Title: doctor 2
Post by: Chris Dudley on April 12, 2018, 01:31:53 PM
I remember a dentist, pulled a poor manís teeth
Did it out of compassion, they could not be saved
Pulled them at no charge, pulled them free
After the lawyer, he sold amway.

No harm, no harm, first do no harm, thatís the doctorís way
The oath of Hippocrates, that gets in the way
Of taking chances that the heart urges
The kinder thing is not a thing, a thing a doctor can do.

Not so for lawyers, theyíre bound to pursue wrong
Hurt, for hurts sake is the remedy they seek
Itís adversarial, the client comes first
Suing a doctor can bring a fat purse.

The manís teeth were rotten, but just one aches
The dentist thought to save him pain down the road
But when he pulled all to help with the pain
The lawyer his licence did take.