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Title: aisle 3
Post by: Chris Dudley on April 12, 2018, 01:43:08 PM
Aisle of isles, the Aleutian chain
Where crab boats go to founder
Alaskan crab in cubes of crab traps
That fly on the deck in the pounders.

Strong steel ships, some old cutters
Head North from Seatac harbor
Steel crab boats head to the shores
Wild surf, wind, ice and wonder.

Aisle of isles, land bridge’s remains
First people crossed there with dry feet
Aisle of isles now foundered themselves
The ice of the land washed away.

Eleven thousand years, before Egypt
Before Ur or Nimrod and such
The land bridge connected two continents
And people came into the land.

And now throw ships and lives at crabs
In the aisle that still remains
Those ships return, but not every one
Some founder on the island chain.