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Title: spy 3
Post by: Chris Dudley on April 12, 2018, 02:39:48 PM
Silly spy slithering thus
Through air ducts in the ceiling
Silly spy, what secrets have I
For your efforts to be bearing.

You sneak in secret
Slide in shadows not to be seen
Your secret drama clenches your heart
But there’s nothing for you to see.

Better you schlep to work each day
Sell groceries as a cashier
Live in fantasy while being useful
Than this slithering life in the shadows.

Once in a tux you gambled big time
But you used here Majesty’s money
What a waste, the glance at the cards
Not your stake, just a fake, like your clothes.

Slither on silly spy spy
Slither into good graces
Of those you serve who knew anyway
Any secrets you every might bring them.