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Title: spy
Post by: Dgazzer on April 12, 2018, 04:38:20 PM
Tall, dark black suit and tie. He looked around over the crowd. The low din of conversations in the cafe as spoons rattle off cups and cups rattle off saucers. The smell of fresh croissant and coffee in the air. In the corner another man much like himself and a disheveled looking business man. Large manila envelope on the table in between. The first sip of hot black coffee as I watch the man watch the men. Is he a spy? He takes out a phone, turns his back to the men and smiles with a thumbs up... just a selfie? He reaches into a duffel bag on the floor, my breath is shallow, mind racing, what is he going to pull out? A small silver computer. The waitress comes by and asks flirtatiously if she can get him anything. "the wifi password please". Why would a spy need a wifi password? confusion, is he a spy? He connects the phone to the computer, what's he sending? Only minutes go by and the disheveled business man rises, leaving the envelope he came in with, no wave goodbye...