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Title: Spy
Post by: dccavi on April 12, 2018, 09:46:21 PM
Laminated book covers, recognizable magnifying glass and inventive settings. Searching through a clutter of toys scattered haphazardly across a dark wooden desk. Jacks and bouncy balls in a coin-operated machine at the local diner. Grease rises like a ghost from the grill, haunting the restaurant with tempting smells. Red meat slowly browns on the hot cook top, blood rising and pooling on top. Oil stings my arms as I rotate the wooden handle of the popcorn maker, listening for the characteristic pop from which the snack gets its name. Garlic salt and onion powder mingle with red wine in a pasta sauce, slowly simmering on over medium-low heat on the back burner. Paper towels are strewn about the counter, replacing the plates that are being massaged by the hot, churning water in the dish washer. Smell of dish soap and buffalo sauce, so pungent you recoil from your position hovering over the pan. Crackle of water evaporating as it hits hot iron. The white stove is stained from breakfast's eggs and chorizo, and the trash can is nearly full.