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Title: Spy
Post by: Higgs88 on April 13, 2018, 06:33:59 AM
Flakes of wall peeling off, brown under the eggshell white. Humid air makes the ends of my hair curl up gulps of oxygen the fruit flies silently do crazy eights around the dirty dishes. Hiding in the closet, stuffy tweed and ruffled dresses pressed in around me, senses spiking as I hear "100! Read or not...." my lips hold down a stifled breath I'm wearing yellow like Harriet and my sister's are noisy like Rosy O' Donald the smell of must and old paint eats at me the suspense builds then drops until my breathing becomes bored. White ankle, exposed to the light, secret messages of chalk on the charcoal roadway, signals of dust and bird noises we were products of too many espionage thrillers I sneak a mission to grab the box of girl scout cookies, mint chocolate luring me in like a pig to scraps the feel of coarse cardboard and my finger slides across the seal to open it, guilt suppressed by---