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Title: Mascara
Post by: Sigbjørn H on April 13, 2018, 03:04:06 PM
Staring back at her from the mirror
her hand is moving on autopilot
across the lips
under and over the eyes
a master of disguise
hums the tune she always hums
a selfies's thumbs inflates her self esteem
she leaves the house and knows she's queen
at least for the ride till they get there
the party with all the other queens
she no longer stands out
creeping doubt
bannished by one more bathroom selfie
sneaks away cries in the bushes
the waterproof stuff don't run
except on the inside
throws a tequila in her mouth hole
uses the streetlight as a dance pole
gets wasted
again with no end goal
but this time the sweetscented plush of a strangers couch
makes her morning routine anything but slouch
up like an arrow searching for a bullseye
where are the familiar beercans
rotten bananas and rusty pans
why is she still wearing pants
she sneaks out and leaves a note
and finds an uber