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Title: mascara
Post by: Dgazzer on April 13, 2018, 04:24:55 PM
Such a pretty girl, natural, long brown hair, alabaster skin. I could tell by her pursed lips and pained expression that the phone she held was whispering bad news into her ear. Her shoulders slumped, and a tear formed in the corner of her eye. Only then could I see the mascara as it left a trail down the side of her face. My heart ached for the pain this girl was feeling, my mind a whirlwind,"what was the bad news? Did she get dumped, someone die?" The sound of a muffled sob and suddenly without my knowing I was on my feet walking towards her. My brain screaming "what are you doing!!!" My heart replying "you know this is the right thing to do." I reached out and touched her arm, offering her a clean white napkin. The taste of the salad dressing I was eating came back, reminding me I was on a quick lunch break. When she spoke it was very hushed, thank you was all I heard. It was a job she had really wanted. I know the feeling, the one in your stomach when the phone rings and the excitement and anguish are all wrapped up into one, then the bad news hits like a Sammy Sosa home run and all your left with is