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Title: Swingset
Post by: Dgazzer on April 14, 2018, 03:47:21 PM
The slam of the back door, warm summer air wraps around me. The smell of fresh cut grass and potting soil as mother works in the backyard. Into the garage, a little cooler out of the sun, the smell of dust and old oil. There is an oil stain on the ground by my bike. Spray painted black, no logo, I'm excited, ready to ride. It's off to the park. The worn grips are cool in my hand but quickly warm as I turn down the alley yelling see ya to Mom. Across the street, down the alley, the chain link fence is coming up where the dog runs up to bark everytime. I jump every time, and tell him good boy. I can see the school, red brick and white trim. I pull up hard on the handle bars to clear the curb. Across the dry grass I can hear laughing and playful screaming. There they are. The swing set. The closest thing to flying. I skid to a stop and am off running towards the open seat all in one motion. As I hit the sand I feel a bolt of excitement knowing I am almost there. A quick burn across the back of my legs from the seat being in the sun too long, then I lift my legs and begin methodically pulling and pushing until I am in the air.