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Title: Doughnut
Post by: Cathy H on May 09, 2018, 05:13:05 PM
(again with the spelling issue  :D )

With great anticipation, I would accompany my mother to the local A&P supermarket in the early 60's. Silver grey, the swinging glass doors opened to a marvel of potential delights. Screeching metal upon metal Mother would free our stubborn cart from its imprisonment and with squealing wheels we'd head into grocery-world. Eye level to wire bins, through cellophane windows I would spy them. Prettily encased in in pale blue cardboard eight glitteringly-glazed doughnuts beckoned to me. Salivating, pointing, half dragging our cart to the treasured repository of mouth-watering doughy goodness, I would look up to Mother with pleading eyes. And sometimes, although not always, she would give me the smiling nod of yes!  Reaching for the stack I was in the kitchen of my mind, sliding open the mouth of the bakery box. With two fingers I would pinch the golden, shimmering deliciousness, ready to ritually lick clean the sticky sweetness after my first bite.