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Title: Tulips
Post by: GLMansell on May 10, 2018, 01:54:36 PM
Bulbs of red, and greens, and purples, and everything in between popped out from the ground like flavored lollipops ready for harvesting. The flowers smelled pleasant, contrasting to the stale air of urban life, which as in name gets stale after a while. When the wind blew over the gardens a faint rustling could be heard from the hundreds of tulips grazing each other and the grasses around them, creating a shimmering rainbow on the ground. The waves created by the perfectly timed breeze created the image of a flag, hoisted onto the ground as a stake to claim for Mother Earth. I spotted many different insect species buzzing around the delicate ecosystem, playing their parts as organisms. Some feasted on the flowers themselves, using them as direct sources of energy for future showcases of evolutionary fitness. Curious, I snapped a tulip from its resting place and placed one of the pedals onto my tongue. The taste instantaneously made me gag and I spit out the flower in a disgusted feeling of mistrust. How could anything that looks and smells so good, taste so bad? The experience had me glancing at my clock and

Title: Re: Tulips
Post by: raquelliane on May 11, 2018, 03:37:44 AM
The velvet petals caress my fingers as I reach to feel their energy. Beautiful colors, each a different shade making each tulip unique. I bend down to smell one. It smells like the purest scent god could have created. As I sit down next to the bed, I sense a feeling of comfort and calm. something only nature can provide. My heart no longer heavy, but as light as a feather blowing in the breeze. The Tulips whishper sweet nothings into my ears as I wait for them to reveal the wisdom of the sweet earth. How do you grow? How do you live? questions keep my mind wreeling with wonder. I am astounded by the magic of the earth you grow from. So pure, so wise. As I become wrestless wanting to know more and more of these hidden wonders I am brought back to a reassuring feeling that somethings are better left a secret. The Tulips can sing to me, they live and breath like me. It saddens me to realize that the human race participates in a genocide towards our earth and the plants that birth from it.