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Title: Tent
Post by: Ruby_Tuezday on May 11, 2018, 05:13:22 AM
Through the thin film of fabric of my weatherworn tent, I gaze upwards to admire the shadowy silhoettes of delicate dancing leaves and spindly twigs. Slithers of sunlit prisms and an irregular flapping sound that demands attention will have to wait. I crinkle up one eye and make a picture frame with my fingers, imagining beautiful leaf paintings that will never be realized. I follow the gentle organic curves which are interspersed with the outline of craggy twisted branches.

When new, the tent shimmered with luminescent plastic colours, stark white ropes and the promise of adventures untold. Now the fabric is crumpled and stained by sticky nectar and the discarded fruit of frenetic birds, and a solid line of industrious ants have taken up residency along the seams. Terracotta mud stains the perimetre, a memento from an unexpected storm,  while microscopic dust permeates the translucent surface - the only barrier between myself and the elements. I`ve cast off all material trappings now. I`m like a lone Roman soldier at a remote outpost, or maybe an ancient explorer on an unchartered coastline.