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Title: diary 3
Post by: Chris Dudley on May 11, 2018, 11:27:18 AM
Whose diary is fiery, flaming and bright
Electric and jolting, luminous with light
Who writes such a diary with withering pen
Putting in words what none comprehend?

How many lost diaries would set the world straight
Fix all our problems if only one page
Had been read by us, not hidden away
Lost diaries, lost diaries of the retired sage.

One day in Wu, the sage passing through
Spoke a few words to the guard
The guard was amazed, glimpsed a new way
To comprehend all in one word.

How do we know that sage was alone
Perhaps there are hundreds of book
Many a sage composed in that day
But they’re buried and nobody knows.

A fiery diary flaring so bright
Wisdom to give each heart ease
Somewhere, sometime, some magic place
But it’s lost, we’ll not have release.