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Title: trumpet 3
Post by: Chris Dudley on May 11, 2018, 12:44:48 PM
What to call that kind of strumpet
Who teases the news with her secrets
One who took money to keep her mouth shut
About how she didn’t with Trump.

Zorn queens and bunnies rake in the cash
So they’d say naught for the election
Took hush money ‘cause Trump did not want
His story about on the eather.

What to call that particular kind
Marching around Jericho
Sounding their horn, now off to court
Bringing the edifice down.

We knew that that creep could do anything
Now new proof is sounding off
Maybe that strumpet should be called weathervane
Shifting in a foul wind.

Strumpet out blowing her futile horn
Trump’s lawyer now facing charges
Now Jericho is tumbling down
A facade with no substance.