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Title: string 3
Post by: Chris Dudley on May 14, 2018, 01:01:14 PM
Silver chain worn on the neck
Chain with a plain ring
Simple chain, a memory
Like a finger tied with a string.

A chain without knots, no knots but links
Links almost too fine to see
String spun of hemp, tickly brown
On a finger for remembering.

A chain and a ring and a story of death
Of a widow, that kind of story
Sometime you forget why you tied the knot
The knot on the finger string.

Knots in strings told some story one day
Knots like a story book
Knots in strings that no one now reads
Told a story like a ring on a chain.

Ring on a chain, a fine silver chain
No indent on the third finger
That ring on the chain worn ‘round the neck
Tells a story from long ago.