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Title: Swingset
Post by: GLMansell on May 14, 2018, 01:17:28 PM
Propulsion launches the organic mass high into the air, save for any expensive flying machine or engineering wonderment. Simple physics allows us the opportunity to experience the opposing effect of gravity. Like a pendulum, the consistent rocking back and forth lulls one into a meditative trance. The split second moment of suspending on either extreme sends some a wave of nausea and vertigo, whilst others experience the body buzzing feeling of falling without the knowledge of injury. Seats weathered from years buffering the elements, chains slightly rusted save for the protective layer of rubber-like material clinging to each link, and a squeak to accompany every kick past the midpoint. A swingset is the hierarchal checkpoint for children, a throne of sorts for the more popular of the bunch. Some would take solace in the comforting swing while others tested the limits of centripetal force by jumping off at the last second, thus launching them forward with the aid of momentum.