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Title: Bronco
Post by: GLMansell on May 15, 2018, 03:06:00 PM
This ain't no hulking ton of steel and various materials, nor is it a congregation of American football playing professional athletes, this is a lean, mean steed we're talking about here. Wild in upbringing and personality, witty to the disgrace of its captors and riders. Ever graceful in its feral grasslands, holding the weight of no man. Secret weapons of the indigenous, holy creatures of the Mongols, it even has its own year on the Chinese calendar! The weight of its hooves reverberates on the dirt with no aid of shoes, and its mane is matted and unkempt from the undomesticated life. It carries an unpleasant smell, thus attracting the flies, but retained its glossy exterior. Are we sure we're not talking about a car at this point? It stands amongst its own kind, riding against the wind that blows towards humanity, unbroken. Snorts of hot air and disturbances of gait signal any passerby to watch their backs, one stray kick from one of these ponies and they'll be the ones broken. They say the dog is man's most loyal companion, but never did they mention the will of the bronco. Headstrong, war-torn, and ready for action at their own rate