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Title: bronco 4
Post by: Chris Dudley on May 24, 2018, 12:10:58 PM
Stables need cleaning
The barrow and fork
Sawdust clumping together
Scent of ammonia, grassy dung
Horse sweat sweet in the air.

Stables need cleaning
No herculean task
Just a combing of dust
A sifting of dust
Birds fly into the barn.

Stables need cleaning
Horses in paddocks
In the sun in the breeze in the air
Stables need cleaning
The dung rolled out to the pile.

At the dairy
A belt piles the poop
A conveyor, and automation
Horses are different, more refined
The fork and barrow together.

Buckets of water
Flakes of a bale
Grain in a scoop measure
Horses are pampered in their stalls
Teeth grinding on apples and carrots.