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Title: Jug
Post by: Higgs88 on May 29, 2018, 09:21:02 PM
Soft colors of clay dance on the ground. The air is damp and cool, like the sky hasn't been completely wrung out yet, little scraping sounds the wind hitting against the tin siding. I pour out liquid out of the jug, sweet fermented grapes pounded and strained and purified and bottled into a $12 wine. The slightest hint of metallic as I gulp. My friend is more liberal with her drink, maroon draining from her glass like sand from a one-minute hourglass the rush of evening, feeling light as a leaf floating in the wind, we unwind in short bursts of conversation. Clank of glass on the wooden coaster, my mouth hurts from smiling. Stomach full and overwhelmed, breathing smooth and heavy, as my bloodstream mingles with the wine my head feels fuzzy. Band playing old 90's covers I sing along in mumbled bliss--