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Title: Detail
Post by: Lowwraine13 on August 21, 2018, 12:51:53 PM
           The heaviness of the elevator doors slide open and out we all stepped. The carpet under our walking shoes didn't last very long as it turned to glass.The sight of the city from 1,450 ft up was surreal. You could make out every detail, every waved down taxi, and every pusher on the street below. To some it was breathtaking. To others it it was a moment of clarity. The windy city lived up to its name as it made its presence known, your hand palming the angled glass that reaches out. The sound of the little ones in awe are muffled when she finally puts her hand on your shoulder and says "honey, let's get a picture". The taste of the hot dog you had down below is fading as the refreshing moist air flows through the Sears lookout room. You're body tenses us as you face the elevator once again, your back to the city, the flash......