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Title: Donut
Post by: berkley84 on July 09, 2018, 02:26:20 PM
   Itís early, but Iím too excited to sleep anymore. Iím up and at Ďem as the Sun begins its slow ascent, keys in the ignition and a hot wallet in my back pocket. I am going to Paulaís, because I am an adult who can afford $6 for 6 mouthwatering freshly baked donuts.
   Okay, Iím exaggerating, I really shouldnít be spending $6, but I do have a 50-cent coupon, so there. On the drive there, I feel a sense of confusion on the twisting roads. Every turn I begin to second guess my memory. Should I just turn on the GPS or go with my gut? I plunge into it at a round-about like a kid jumping off a merry-go-round. HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!
   I listen to some sweet tunes while I look around for a familiar landmark.  And there it is: the weird nut store that has about 1,000 innuendos embedded in its name. Now knowing Iím on the right track, I cruise like a man in command, passing other less-delicious donut shops on my way to Paulaís.
   I pull into the parking lot, bundled in a thick winter coat and trek across the icy pavement for about 30 seconds before Iím back in the warm embrace of my favorite donut shop. Thereís a long line, but the people here are real pros.  You can smell the coffee and the icing and I can see somebody loading up the Red Velvet shelf with freshly baked donuts.
   Now is when I really start to panic. You have 6 choices, 2 of which have to be Red Velvet, leaving 4 optionals. Will I go with chocolate? Sprinkles? A peanut donut? Filled with Bavarian cream?
   Iím not too brave, and I leave to bring these beautiful babies back to my sleeping princess at home. Of course I take one bite of one of the Red Velvet and munch slowly, savoring every sugary piece of goodness.  Itís like cake. It reminds me of a birthday party, but only in the morning. Itís gonna be so sweet washing this down with a big gulp of black coffee.