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Title: Transport
Post by: ppism on August 22, 2018, 04:24:58 AM
In our day to day lives, we need to go places, and transportation is what makes that possible. From what we see daily- cars, bikes, buses and what not- to what fly at a glazing speed- the airplanes, all are meant to serve the same purpose. The heart of every transport facility lies in it's design, where the diesel is it's food and motor it's heart! The foul smell of gas when any vehicle passes makes us realize the ever- increasing rates of those commodities, often followed by an abuse to the driver for not taking care of that vehicle.

These transports are not very different from humans per say- they have the eye & ears- though of the driver; they  do go places, they do roar and get heated up when not taken care of properly! But, after all these are what makes our lives easy, the roads around us worth their use, the skies above as a route to go places!!