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Title: Tulips
Post by: Lowwraine13 on July 10, 2018, 05:56:45 AM
      Lord knows how long they'll last here. They always seem to get swept up or damaged by the mower. That care less operator. This time though, it's different, I put them in a vace and place them in front of the stone. The stone in which has been a haunting reminder of my last name and a delicate one of my Mother's first. Lord, how I miss her. She was beautiful. Loved flowers and loved her family. I look toward my brother. The smooth breeze gently stirring up his light blonde hair. He stands with his hands in his blue trench coat and face toward the road. It's been two years and a trunk full of tulips since the bittersweet passing. I get down on one knee like I always do, the sun is beginning to paint that sky amber, I take two fingers, put them up to my lips and kiss them. I reach over and give my mother that kiss. "Quite an epitaph" I say to my brother. He just nods. A tear, a hug, and the slamming of the Impala doors. It's time again.