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Title: Detail
Post by: FunkySea on August 22, 2018, 06:22:57 AM
I used to build model airplanes and ships, tanks, anything I could get my hands on. I loved opening the box with some battleship model inside and it was always about the details. How much did they catch? I used not to think too much about it until I once got an inferior model. It seemed lifeless and didnít capture my imagination like the better quality ones. I sat in my room with the shag carpet and a reverent silence and concentration came over me. I was completely focused and had laid out a newspaper so as not to spill glue the glue had a particular smell, it was a bit toxic of course. Airfix glue a yellow and white tube. I would hold the large plastic ribbons up with the parts siting there, ready to be cut loose. For example, a shipís deck could look really great. If it had these long lines representing the planks or some such, it gave the deck texture and the brain immediately zooms in, and now Iím standing in the deck of the Bismarck, feeling the swells of the North Sea under my feet as the massive ship crashes and bucks in the agitated ocean. Itís a sunny day and the enormous grey turrets with monstrous guns and the wind whips around them like theyíre huge boulders, immovable. I donít think about destruction or even war, just the majestic engineering feat and the power it represents. Itís very abstract and at the same time very tangible. Much later I learned about the sound the turret would make as it turned. A loud whine from I presume an electrical motor and when it reaches the desired position it would stop with a loud clunk and then silence. Ominous silence. This is where it would take the shot. And of course the noise will have been absolutely deafening. Like the whole earth is suddenly turned upside down. And the men would be afraid the whole time