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Title: Transport
Post by: Lowwraine13 on August 22, 2018, 10:10:58 PM
                   Going to leave the garage, I open the brown faded door as I was careful not to add another dent with my foot. Country music being played through the dusty old wired screen windows. The same old station is being played all day. She leaves it on she says in order create some safety. She likes it in the morning as well when she's leaving for the Moose lodge. I just got done cutting the overdue stretched out blades of grass that makde up her front and back yard. My hand slips off the sun beated door handle and the aroma of the deed that was just done fills the air. Dust still in the beams of the late evening sun. I hear George Strait on the radio. I stop as I turn the corner to admire the yard and the work. ".......I saw God today" he sings.....x