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Title: Bumper
Post by: FunkySea on September 07, 2018, 11:31:14 PM
Itís a searing hot Nevada afternoon in the desert and the ground is flat and hard and crusty. Every sound is deadened and the air simmers like high tension in every direction. My dusty boots make a soft crunching sound as I step on the ground.  Once out of the car I stand listening to the sounds of the cooking engine. The little pong ping and spang sounds as the metal adjusts to the new temperature distribution. Like a low tech transformer that operates on pure chance and weather. I watch the gleaming bumper of my pickup truck. It has a few dents and one has gone through the chrome and collected some rust but overall it shines. I touch it and recoil. Itís searing hot. The smell of onions as I step into the diner kitchen Iíve seen so often in action movies. I canít be in a kitchen like this without being transported to that ultra violent scene from Nikita. People flying everywhere. A giant skillet has sausage and peppers along with the onions. A hairy fist manipulates the giant handle in chef fashion, tossing everything. Replacing the heavy skillet on the gas burner with a scraping sound. The iron wings of the griddle sticking up like spikes to receive the incoming metal. A transformer robot that lands on a griddle like terminator in a truck fire. Melting from the shiny feet in disbelief. Transforming again and again the molten part sticking grotesquely out in first this then that direction and every on the landfill years later his batteries sometimes recover enough so he can do a halfhearted shape shift. And itís a cool day with gulls flying overhead the landfill is close to the ocean and on a giant mountain of trash sits a buzzard surveying her empire. Slowly taking flight she glides over the compound over the cranes