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Title: Hoax
Post by: oohl90 on September 08, 2018, 10:18:38 PM
9/8 - Hoax
Rubbing my misty eyes in disbelief, I hadn’t even blinked and the fluffy white rabbit was gone. "Impossible!", my brain heckled.
I starred up open jawed at a smoky stage commanded by a man in a tall hat and a satin red vampire cape. The whole room seemed to gasp itself. The atmosphere ripe with silence and anticipation was cringe worthy. The magician’s shiny polished shoes clicked and clacked with each step. Menacingly teasing us that perhaps the rabbit was or invisible or worse, dead. Choking on doubt my mind whispered sweet nothings of trap doors and classic illusions. As he revealed the rabbit perched upon his head under his hat, prickly chills bolted up my arms resembling a cactus. “There’s no way!” “HOW?” snickered the audience. My eyes had deceived me. I knew it was a hoax in my head but my heart and exterior senses were sold. It was pure magic!