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Title: Crook
Post by: Mott on September 09, 2018, 07:00:23 PM
The bed is firm, sweet smells, the way you'd expect it to be in the dorm of a sophisticated girl, a young woman who has it together.  Throbbing neck, hammers the base of my skull.  Pressure in my chest comes and goes in waves.  Time slows down.  I try to talk but my mouth moves too slow.  I'm tripping over my tongue, and then, I want to change what I started to say.  I sound like a fool.  I am.

Flashback to a few minutes ago.  Rain, dark, and each step shaky.  I was anticipating this moment, not as one with glad hopes, but as one marching toward certain doom, an animal being led to the slaughter.

Back to reality.  The expression on her face so calm and understanding.  Reassuring.  The way a crook has to be.

She stole my time.  She captured my eyes.  She had my mind, always thinking of her.
  Her emails were the long kind, her touch felt sincere.  Until the moment that prompted me to come here.

It was all in my head, that's the lesson I learned.  The pain of that realization seared, then cleared the fog from my eyes.  I was ready to leave, leave these tears and these hopes behind.