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Title: Crook
Post by: daflem on September 09, 2018, 07:22:03 PM
Blades of grass towered and rustled in the wind, providing any predator a veil in which to hide. The workers knew this, tending to the green when they could, but also understanding it was an impossible task. For the monstrous difficulty was the sound. The sheep bleated and the sound of silence from the predators took over. The task of protecting the sheep was that of the delinquents, for it was a dangerous job. Death loomed in this hill next to the valley by the town. One could almost taste the smell of blood each and every day. Without the sheep, the town would perish. The predator approached and the crook of the staff, stiff in the hands, swung and made contact. Thinking he had finished his job, sat down by quiet waters, his rod and staff had comforted him, and laid his head down to sleep. But this was not the wolf after all. The crook lay still in the grass beside him and finished him off.