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Title: fire
Post by: Chris Dudley on October 10, 2018, 01:42:47 PM
Calmest of nights, no breath of wind
The branches piled waist high
A jar of grease, some shredded cardboard
A lighter for fires glows blue.

Yellow flames flicker near a grease smudge
The sizzle as the grease starts to burn
Increase in heat as flames both rise and fall
A shower of flaring grease balls.

And now a gout seers through the twigs
A column in the midst of the pile
And now the air moves, no longer still
Moves to the heat of the fire.

Ember edged bats soar to the sky
Remnants of cardboard take wing
Cracking sparks leap, rise in the air
The growing column of flame.

And now overhead, live branches of trees
Are lit with a pulsing light
A heat shimmer column rises through
Rising smoke above the trees’ height.