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Title: Coffee
Post by: Bumbletoes on November 06, 2018, 01:50:14 PM
The water hits the sink like a river of life flowing. But it's not for drinking. I flip the tabs open on the too smooth green bag. The logo printed on the front reads "Green Mountain". I wonder what it's like to be a coffee farmer high up on green mountain with it's cold coffee shredded peaks. That brain tingling, life waking smell snaps me back home again. The water is overflowing, spilling over the sides of the coffee pot sitting in the middle of the stainless steel sink. I snatch the glass pot up and dump the water down the drain. With a flick and a click the water filter chugs to  life, I hear the water struggling to fight its way out of the filter. Finally it comes drizzling out and rings against the bottom of the pot like a bell. My mind drowsily wakes up begging to hit the snooze button again but it's too late. The coffee, much like the water filter fights its way through the machine, that acquired disgusting bitter taste will soon be singeing my taste buds off. I reach for my larger than average ceramic mug, the words 'have you tried turning it off and back on' again begging the question.