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Title: Radiator
Post by: Dreobject on December 03, 2018, 12:52:41 PM

A loud hiss erupts from the radiator, announcing it is indeed working. The hiss fades and gives way to the sound of a hammer banging on metal in rhythm. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Heat emerges from the radiator slowly at first, but after a few minutes the steady stream of heat begins to warm us. I stand next to it like a campfire, rubbing my hands together to bring warmth to my extremities. Dust collected from the year since the last cleaning covers the radiator, and it gives off a faint smell of mildew as it is heated. Turning my back to it brings warmth to the side of my body that had turned ice cold. The thermostat clicks off in the background, but the hulking radiator retains its heat like a baked potato. Comforting warmth will be produced all night, and we will bask in it like we bask in the summer sun.