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Title: Baseball Hat
Post by: mattvs86 on February 11, 2019, 06:46:02 PM
The smell of popcorn and peanuts wafts through the air, and like a fishermen reeling in a fish, I can't help but be pulled in.  An ice cold drink and salty snacks, nothing could be better on a warm summer day.  The sun relentlessly beats down on me, and I feel as if I'm corned with no escape.  I escape the roar of the crowd  and find refreshing shade, but no longer can I watch the game I paid my hard earned dollars to attend.  Out of the corner of my eye, a  store catches my eye.  Immediately as I enter the store, I'm struck by the bounty of hats located on the wall.  Baseball caps of every design, style, color.  Flat rimmed, blue, red, every color combination one could think of.  My mind races at the endless possibilities.  On the floor, one lonely hat lies.  A plain, blue baseball cap, with a simple design, with a big clearance sticker plastered on the rim.  Everyone else saw nothing in the hat, but the beauty of it's simplicity is all I need.  As I walk back to my seat, the hat protects me from the vengeful sun, and I focus on the game.