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Title: Key
Post by: Dorian Black on March 08, 2019, 09:15:56 AM
A small heart locket is around her neck, bouncing rhythmically against her soft white skin as she walks. A small silver chain, fragile like her holds it in place, with a small silver key hanging right next to it. The key also has a heart shape in the handle, and as she walks it reflects the sunlight in miniature flashes. Below it, a purple sweater, slightly worn out from days or use, but it is her favourite, it makes her feel at home. She keeps walking, carelessly, looking at the stores, the passengers, the cars in the road and she smiles to everything, a small burst of light and colour in a grey world. She reaches up and touches the locket, and she remembers last night, how he held her in his hands and all the world just didnít matter anymore. A kiss and the first time he told her he loves her, his eyes looking deep into hers, and she could see in his eyes how much he means it. Another kiss.

Title: Re: Key
Post by: varunahuja on March 08, 2019, 09:49:40 AM
Everything I intend to keep
Safe from prying eyes to see
To let out the true self in me
To unlock the secrets that I haven't yet seen

People suffering for all kinds needs
Unlocking the mysteries of the universe's scene
For the progress to keep at its feet
For the data to make meaning for a cure to a disease

Everything needs unlocking
unlocking of life, unlocking of info, unlocking of things
All I need is that little key