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Title: Jump Rope
Post by: mattvs86 on March 13, 2019, 05:56:45 PM
A waterfall of sweat dripped off his forehead, but he remained unfazed.  His body ached after the constant exertion.  His jump roping was the perfect model of precision and consistency.  With every repetition the air whooshed past his ears.  The rope lightly brushing against the cement and immediately returned into the air.  With every hop the rope barely missed his feet.  He was a perfect model of consistency.  He could hear the roar of the crowd, their frenzied cheers showing their bloodlust.  The flashes in the crowd, the red dots in the stands recording his every move.  Him and his opponent carefully dancing around each other; real life blue and white short rock'em sock'em robots.  The sweat was pouring off his forehead now, all he could taste and smell was salt.  It tasted like work and perseverance.  He stared at the poster of his opponent on the wall, championship belt held high.  Like a moth to a flame, it drew him in.  He would take it.